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    Post by Jassper123 on Mon Sep 06, 2010 2:27 pm

    Hi I am Jassper123, AKA Jeffrey Decker, i am 17 and have been playing gunz since International came out. I have been playing gunz for 7 years soon to be 8.
    I also can make maps, i have been a dev for Angel,lol,DR,Flay,Extreme,Huge, and lazer gunz. All but DR failed >> and most of them didnt even get the client up so i just deleted the maps
    here are some Pictures of my most recent map:

    I was wondering if you need a mapper cause if so i would be happy to make maps for you i have made 7 different maps in the past 4 days and they need a server that will take them in if you wish to see more maps and pictures let me know, also if you want the Boxing_Arena.mrs(pictures up top) let me, if you like it.

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